Gift Ideas For Him – Over $ 50

As a man get older it gets harder and harder to think of gift ideas for him. They have everything, want nothing or expect you to come up with a fantastic gift idea all on your own.

When his birthday, Father's Day or the Holidays approach, it's always a good idea to drop a few minority hints just in case, for once, he's actually thought about it and has some ideas on what he wants for a gift. If that does not happen (and it will not most of the time) here are some gift ideas to help you.


A watch is a classic gift idea that will always be well received. If he's already got one, do not worry. You can always get him one for special occasions, or for a particular activity. There are watches with timers and step counters for running, watches with radios in and, of course, the diver's watch, which can be used for diving and general swimming – or for just looking cool! Another option to consider is an old-fashioned pocket watch, particularly for the older gentleman.

Solar Charger for Gadgets

This is a fantastic gift idea for someone with lots of gadgets. There are a number on the market and they are getting cheaper all the time. After only a couple of hours, they can completely charge a cell phone, iPod, GPS etc. Perfect for the car, the frequent traveler and the student that forgets to pay their utility bills!

Digital Camera

Unless you know exactly what he wants you have to be careful with a keen photographer. However, for the social photographer the perfect gift idea is a digital camera. You can get a very good camera for under $ 200 and he will, of course, have great fun just playing with it!

Coffee Maker

There are a number of coffee machines now on the market that do more than just filter coffee. They can make lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate etc. They do not have to replace your regular coffee maker and are great for when you have guests.

Beer Kit

For the man who prefers beer to coffee, why not get them a home brew kit? These have gone in and out of fashion over the years mainly because to took a long time to make, it was very complicated and, depending on the brand, it tasted like …, well, not very nice! It has much improved nowdays with some kits only taking two weeks, instructions have been simplified and there is much wider range of beer types available.

Gift Cards

People tend to think of gift cards as a cop-out. However, for those men that are really hard to buy for, a card for a store they will always use will be appreciated. Home improvement, sports, outdoor and electronic stores are all good choices. Another way to show you have thought about the gift is to suggest what they can buy with it. They may not use your suggestion, but they will appreciate the gift more.

As long as you show that you have thought about what to get, he will always appreciate the gift. Good luck!