Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers spend so much time with our kids! Do not they deserve a thoughtful gift this holiday season? Here are some gift ideas to show the teachers how much you appreciate all their hard work.

L otions – many teachers keep lotion on their desk. Next time you visit the classroom, notice what kind they prefer, and get them a small bottle. If you're unsure, go with a hypoallergenic lotion.

Handmade gifts – teachers love handmade gifts from their students, almost as much as parents do. Take time to help your student decide what to make for their teacher. Maybe a picture frame, an ornament, or almost anything your child can dream up.

Desk set – a nice desk set, with a personalized pen / pencil set, note pads, sticky notes are useful gifts. A desk blotter or desk calendar is also nice. There are also nice quote-a-day type calendars that are made just for teachers.

Cards – if the teacher likes to send personalized notes home to the kids, maybe put together a set of blank note cards, with nice pictures on the front.

Charitable donation – find out from another teacher if your child's teacher has a favorite charity. Then you can make a donation in his or her name.

Cookies – who does not like homemade cookies? Make a variety of cookies and put them together in a pretty basket or tin. You might even go together with some of the other families, and each donate a dozen of different kinds, and have a cookie exchange among themselves at the same time.

Volunteer – even though you probably do what you can for your child's class, volunteer to come in to do a story time, or be an extra pair of hands for a class party, even if it's not your turn. The teacher will always appreciate it.

Spa treatment – many spas have specials around the holidays. Surprise the teacher with a gift card to a little pampering.

Coffee mug / assortment – a cute mug with the teacher's name on it with an assortment of teas, coffees and hot chocolate are also a welcome gift. Even if they do not like all the types of things in the assortment, they probably know someone with what they can share.

Gift cards – there are many office supplies and teacher supply stores that offer gift cards and your child's teacher might appreciate being able to pick up some things for the classroom. Gift cards to almost any store or restaurant are a good idea, especially if you know the teacher enjoys things from that store.