Give Your Missionary a Thank You Gift

An LDS missionary puts his life on hold for two years and moves to a new place to teach the Gospel. They quit their jobs, take a break from school, and leave most of their belongings at home. They move far away from home, many times to a foreign country where they must learn the language. Perhaps you know an LDS missionary. You know the hard work they do and the busy schedule they follow. You should give you missionary a thank you gift today.

One of the things a missionary has to balance in to their busy schedule schedule is exercise. A missionary's day begins at 6:30 am. They get up and do personal and companionship study. Then they leave the house to go out and proselyte and follow up on appointments. They get back home in the evening and have to be in bed by 10:30 pm. If a missionary wants to work out they have to wake up at 6:00 am and use that extra 30 minutes to get some exercise.

If the missionary's companion wants to work out with them, then they can leave the apartment and go for a run. If not, the missionary needs to stay in the apartment because they can not leave without their companion. Also, if it is cold outside or perhaps too hot, they also need to stay inside the apartment to exercise. It can be really hard to have a regular exercise program when you have to stay indoors, especially inside your apartment.

What a missionary needs is an exercise plan to follow each day. Having a plan will help motivate them to exercise. The fitness plan needs to have variety and provide the missionary with a good workout. A gift you can give your missionary is a workout plan. By working out and staying fit, you missionary will have more energy to get their work done and they will feel great. Give your missionary a thank you gift that will really go a long way. They deserve it!