Glam Up Your Wedding, Oscar Style!

For the most glamorous wedding style, take your cue straight from the red carpet! Celebrities are always the first to showcase the latest fashions, and on Oscar night, you can see the most fabulous styles of all. Add some high fashion and glamor to your wedding by wearing an Oscar inspired bridal ensemble.

Getting an Oscar-worthy look for your wedding does not have to mean shopping on Rodeo Drive. Your wedding gown does not need to come from a famous designer, and your bridal jewelry can be Swarovksi crystal instead of diamonds from Fred Leighton. The idea is to use the red carpet styles as a jumping off point to create your own unique look, in any price range.

One of the hottest trends at the Academy Awards was gowns with one shoulder. This style will give your bridal ensemble instant glamor and elegance. This dramatic asymmetrical look was featured by stars such as Kate Winslet and Alicia Keys. Many of the one shouldered gowns also had beautifully draped fabrics, enhancing their Greek goddess effect. A necklace does not sit well with this type of neckline, so again, take your cue from the stars, and accessorize your gown with a pair of big fabulous chandelier earrings. Happily, you will find that bridal gowns often follow some of the same trends as high fashion, so if you are looking for a wedding dress with one shoulder, you will have lots of choices.

Speaking of high style meeting bridal style, some of the actresses at the Oscars worn gowns that could easily have been wedding dresses. Cream was a popular color this year, and there were many gorgeous gowns to be seen in this soft color. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker wore gowns that would have looked just as perfect walking down the aisle as the red carpet. With these looks as your inspiration, choosing an Oscar inspired bridal gown will be a snap. Add some sparkling crystal bridal jewelry to achieve the same dazzling elegance as your favorite celebrities.

Another popular style at the Academy Awards was the deep v-neck. This is a more boring neckline, and not one that will work for every bride. The key to keeping the look suitable for a bride (who after all, should attend to look a bit more demure than a star at the Oscars might) is to borrow this style only if you are small busted. The v-neck worn by Christina Applegate and others plunges below the bust, so you will need plenty of tape to keep everything in place! The stars who wore this adventurous type of gown managed to do so in a way that was renovated, not trashy or too flashy. It would be a fun style of wedding dress for a ceremony taking place in a setting like a beach or an urban loft, but not a house of worship – too risqué!

When you are getting all glammed up for your wedding day, do not forget about the finishing touches that will make your look outrageously fabulous. You will, of course, need lots of sparkling wedding jewelry, but also look for the most stylish shoes, and the perfect little clutch. Complete your glamorous look with star-worthy hair and makeup. Do not be surprised if when "Here Comes the Bride" starts to play you feel almost as though you were strutting down the red carpet instead of gliding down the aisle!