Good Wedding Wishes

Many weddings are still planned according to traditions and some of the characteristics of such a wedding are old values, white coloring, and elegant touches such as glass decorations. The "Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters are just perfect unique wedding favors to blend in with this classic décor. Not only are they pearlized white glass coasters, but all around the edges are good wishes written, and all of them based on old values ​​such as love, joy, hope, faith and forever. Inside the coaster is a spot to put a photo, place card or a thank you tag that is included with the set and which is used is the decision of the couple planning the celebration.

Overall the "Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters are appropriate for a wedding. Not only the good wishes on it make them so suitable, but also the fact that the impression left just makes one think of a wedding or marriage and this is important, because a wedding favor is also supposedly to remind the guest of that special day. The packaging is also just right for this elegant theme and it is a copy of the coaster itself and it is decorated with a white sheer organza ribbon. When in the package or taken out as place holders they add a unique touch of romance and sophistication to any wedding reception.

Guests that are given the "Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters will take home two glass coasters and they will definitely appreciate the quality.