Great Inexpesive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That You Can Really Use!

Always remember that coming up with great wedding centerpieces should be first and foremost, fun!! When planning your table arrangements, make sure that each table has a centerpiece. You certainly don’t want the tables to be plain, dull, or boring! Depending upon your price range and budget, you can invent creative and memorable wedding centerpieces! Also, as a budget is usually a fixed amount, you may want to consider using more of the budget on other items such as the facility and entertainment!

A great place to check out bargains is at the local dollar store. Most communities have at least one if not more. And of course, you can always check out other places to buy on line. You may also have hobby stores available such as Hobby Lobby to offer more comparisons.

This article will provide a few inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas for you. It is also a good idea to check with relatives, family, and friends as this is obviously a common experience to us all.


Balloon are a great idea for inexpensive centerpieces. You can purchase balloons, ribbon, and then rent a helium tank. After you fill them, make sure to attach a weight to each one so they stay put and don’t float away. You can also scatter confetti or rose petals around the centerpieces.


There are many, many ideas for inexpensive centerpieces using candles. You can use a simple flower arrangement and put a candle in the center. Make sure to choose the candle size so that it is appropriate to the size of the centerpiece. Typical candles can be pillar or votive types. They come in many different sizes and colors

You can also use floater candles where you would place them in small drinking glasses. Fill up the glasses with water and place the candle inside. Using shorter glasses makes it easier to light. A good tip is to have a long-handled Bic type lighter available as it makes quick work and saves on the fingertips!


Mirrors are very creative indeed! There are a number of ideas for inexpensive centerpieces that center around the use of mirrors. One idea would be to take a mirror and place a candle in a glass holder on top of it. The candle or the holder can match the colors of your wedding theme if you can find a matching color.

Once again, scattering confetti on the mirror adds to the delight! You can also place a single rose in a tall, thin vase when placed in the center of a mirror can look quite stunning. Using realistic silk flowers is much better and less expensive than the real thing.

There are lots of great ideas for inexpensive centerpieces. Just take your time, look at all your options, and see which ones appeal to you. When you decide on choices, always compare relative to your overall budget! Even if you find an idea that you really like and at first blush appears too expensive, you might be able to use a less expensive material to bring the cost down and still use the idea. Above all, have fun with it and take your time! This is a time of great blessing in your life, so you should savor it and enjoy it!