Great Sex for Menopausal Women

It has been found out that if menopausal women know how to enjoy sex in their conditions, they would be able to re-kindle the passion of the early years of their marriage. Women need insights on the possibility of an enjoyable sex at their menopause stage of life.

Generally, sexual intercourse is bothersome to women who have reached their menopause. Since sex cannot be set aside in the marriage life of middle-aged couples, it becomes imperative for women to understand how they can have sex in such a situation. Denying your husband of sex is not the solution. It is a fact that menopausal women should feel free to have frequent sexual intercourse since the possibility of becoming pregnant is extremely low. There is no need for birth control in most cases.

Therefore, you must learn how to manage your body, eliminate pains and enjoy sexual love without any limitation. This knowledge will help you to regain your confidence and self-esteem as a good sex partner with your husband.

At this juncture, it is worth stating that the reason for painful sex at menopause stage of life is a result of the insufficient vaginal lubrication that is needed to enhance smooth thrusting of the penis during intercourse. In other words, the vaginal wall is a little bit dry, and this condition arises from the insufficient secretion of hormones that are associated with female sexuality. However, this should not create fear and anxiety in you.

In fact, as noted earlier on, sex could be more interesting and attractive at this stage of life if proper measure is taken. The following are common challenges of menopausal women due to hormonal imbalance.

• More susceptibility to vaginal infections
• Dry vaginal
• Decrease in sex drive (libido)
• Depression
• Night sweats
• Hot flashes
• Insomnia
• Heart palpitations
• Rapid aging of the skin
• Pains at joints and muscles
• Frequent moodiness
• Bladder infection
• Headache

These symptoms have psychological effects on menopausal women. That’s why most of them often reject sexual advances from the male. If you want to have a great sex life as a menopausal woman, consult with your doctor for help on natural hormone treatments. Don’t do an over-the-counter purchase of medications. It is not safe. Your physician will first consider your medical history so as to safeguard the whole treatment procedure from becoming fatal.

The natural hormone treatment often involves the use of estrogen and progesterone as a way to boost libido. These substances are used in a specific kind of cream that can be applied to some areas of the body such as the chest and the armpits. The hormonal cream is absorbed into the body in a transdermal way and it is often preferable to hormonal pills whose therapeutic power becomes reduced through digestive processes.

This hormonal treatment may take a considerable length of time up to several weeks or months. Nevertheless, the result is rewarding as menopausal women will be able to regain their sex drive.