Guidelines on Finding Your Personal Fashion Style

In order to find your personal fashion style, you need to take time to actually get to know yourself. You need to connect to the essence of who and what you are and then express that through your clothing. Most of all, you need to be confident and embody the quote that explains that fashion is the clothes that you purchase, but style is what you do with those clothes.

Style is a very personal thing and no one can dispute that. As a result, we have created a solution that will give you all the steps you need to follow in order to create a more enhanced personal style.

As was mentioned above, your style is personal. It is an expression of who you are, your personality and even your mood. Some people have a particular signature look while others tend to wear the same colour all of the time. Other people have a very confident style that is very recognizable and they are pros at putting together a dashing outfit.

Pay Attention to Celebrities And Even Other Women For Tips And Style References

By looking at another person’s style, it can help you to inspire and create your own style. When creating your own style, it is just fine to be influenced by your favourite fashion icons such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Cara Delevingne, Lauren Conrad etc. You can choose any celebrity or fashion icon that you like or one that has a similar hair colour, personality or body shape to yours.

You Don’t Have to Stick to Only One Style

The interesting thing about developing your own style is that you can mix and match different styles together and be as fun and creative as you’d like. So, you should have a look at all the pieces in your closet and see which ones can complement the other. It is advisable to have different combinations of your clothes since it will create a different look that people will notice whether that be having a beach babe wardrobe by Coco Bay or a more professional wardrobe. It is also best to change and adapt your style according to the situation you will be in. For example, if you have plans on going to a rock concert, then you should wear something that looks funky and cool. However, if you’re going for a dinner date, then an elegant look would be more appropriate.

Find The Colours That Compliment You

You should look for a particular colour palette that naturally compliments your hair and skin tones as much as possible. However, you need to ensure that these colours you choose match well with one another. Colourful prints in your wardrobe are a great way to diversify your style and change up your look.

Find The Best Clothes For Your Particular Body Type

In order to find the best clothes, you need to be completely honest with yourself and find out which type of clothes compliment your body shape and avoid the ones that don’t. If certain clothes don’t fit you well, then they shouldn’t be in your closet. Also, it is best to skip any trends if they don’t pair well with the existing clothes in your closet. It’s better to have clothes that you can actually pair and wear as opposed to a closet that is full of clothes that can’t be worn together.

Makeup And Hairstyle

In addition to your clothing, you will need to find the best hairstyle and makeup that will match with your current wardrobe and actually highlight your clothes. You need to think about all the possibilities from a short bob to a messy bun.

Pick Significant Accessories

Accessories are one of the best things that can help you to express your unique style. It is possible to have mostly accessories that can go with anything or you can have pieces that are unique and go with particular pieces of clothing.

Perfume Should Always Be Worn

In addition to impressing with your style and look, you should also have a special perfume that adds another layer to your personality. It is worth remembering that Coco Chanel once said that a woman that doesn’t wear perfume, doesn’t have a future.