Handmade And Custom Wedding Invitations

There are many choices when looking for wedding invitations. Some couples choose to make their own handmade wedding invitations, while others purchase them. Today more then ever there is a wonderful selection with a variety of styles, colors and designs to choose from. Most couples find something they like and order the invitation merely on their personal preference. For some couples however it goes much deeper. Many families have traditions and symbolism that they insist upon for the wedding day. The custom wedding invitations are no stranger to traditions and symbolism either.

Most couples are well aware that the wedding is a very symbolic presentation in which there are many meanings. Everyone has the garter, lighting of the candles and the wedding ring figured out for that hidden meaning, but there is something much deeper. Did you realize that the flowers used on the handmade and custom wedding invitations have a meaning? That is right, some are a positive and others some would dare not use. Most people are superstitious and simply do not realize the connotations of flowers. To be sure that you are on the right track with your wedding invitations, here is a simple guide for some of the most commonly used wedding flowers.

Most couples and people around the world for that matter understand the roses commonly used in the wedding ceremony. A rose is a very common photo piece that is also used on custom wedding invitations. The red rose is symbolic of undying, romantic love. The pink rose is known as the bridal rose and is commonly found on handmade wedding invitations. Not only are the popular because they are beautiful, but the photos are easy to find as well. The pink rose is symbolic of happiness, new love and admiration. These two roses are used frequently and with beauty and elegance on any type of invitation.

On most custom wedding invitations you will not find the yellow, black or peach colored roses. The symbolism attached to those colors is not seen as suitable for the wedding invitation for those that are looking at their superstitious nature. The yellow rose is symbolic for jealousy, while peach is sympathy and black is death. For some the symbolism is not important, but rather they simply enjoy that color. Which ever is great and does not matter because after all it is your day, no one else’s!

There are many other types of flowers that are commonly used for both the handmade and custom wedding invitations. White carnations are another flower that can be found on many wedding invitations. The white carnation like the baby’s breath is symbolic for hope and new life. These are both very important qualities in a new marriage. Daisies and Ivy are symbolic of fidelity and innocence. Myrtle is also symbolic for love just as the white lily.

Whether you are superstitious or not you should be able to either make a handmade wedding invitation or order a custom wedding invitation with the artwork of your choice. There are many types of flowers in all variations of wonderful colors. There is something for every couple and can match any family tradition or the personal preference of the bride and groom.