High-Maintenance Woman – Who Are They? – Dating Advice for Men

The definition of a High Maintenance Woman is actually specific to the person, describing her. Each man has his own ideas about who she is. But some commonality can be drawn and the following could be a good reflection of a typical High Maintenance Woman…

The definition not only encompasses her needs for material things, but also her emotional requirements:

1. Highly sensitive – almost to the point of being high-strung. Completely lacks any humor. Shuns criticism and takes every comment as a sign of disapproval.

2. Bi-polar behavioral tendency. Gets into fits of uncontrollable rage.

3. Extremely selfish. Cannot think beyond her own needs. Thinks she is the first and last woman God created.

4. Requires non-stop attention and pampering.

5. Unpredictable and inconsistent sexual behavior. Depends on her moods and fancies.

6. Presumes everyone to know her mind and act accordingly.

7. Can not believe she can make a mistake.

8. Critical, rude and insulting. Very conclusive about others.

9. Of the opinion that everything in this world must belong to her as she deserves it.

10. Very shifty mind. She needs constant entertainment and variety to keep her interest alive.

11. Very anxious of others’ opinions about her.

12. Extremely conflicting and incompatible person.

If you meet with any success with this kind of women, using the guidelines given here, then there are chances that you have identified her correctly. If you find your self still struggling to communicate or be with a woman, chances are that she is beyond these definitions.

She hardly has any perspective to judge a situation except her own. Women who have very low level of maturity and has very limited experience and tends to judge everything her own way are normally very difficult people to be with.

Before meeting a woman, if you are continuously worrying whether you will irritate her, upset her, put her off or make her angry, you are probably dealing with a very high maintenance woman, or you could be suffering from a very low level of self esteem. These anxieties usually make a man very nervous and insecure.

According to my opinion and personal experience, these types of women are very exasperating and they drain every bit of mental and physical energy out of a man. They are shallow and can hardly add any true value to a man’s life. To retain your sanity, it is wise to judge these types from a distance and cast your exit at the earliest opportunity.