Holiday Gifts for Health and Wellness

Give someone the gift of healthy living this year with one of these gift ideas from the writers and editors of Well.

What gift has made your life better?

That’s the question I posed to the editors, writers and contributors to Well, and the result is our first-ever Well holiday gift guide. This list is packed with surprising ideas, many of which were influenced by the changes we’ve all had to make in pandemic life. You’ll find gifts to help you build exercise habits outside the gym, new ways to clean, ideas to lower stress and gifts to help you feel safer during the coronavirus crisis. Here’s to a healthier holiday for all of us.

If your favorite gym rat has started exercising outdoors, a fitness watch might be the perfect gift. “Now that gyms are too high-risk, I’ve started running outside a lot more. I purchased a Garmin Smartwatch to track and log my runs and I love it. My favorite feature is that while I’m running, the watch tells me my distance and pace in real time. I typically start out running too fast and tire myself out. With the Garmin, I’m able to look down at my wrist and see if I’m running too fast or too slow in real time and adjust my pace so I can reach my goals.” Cost: $150 and up — Anahad O’Connor, reporter


You can never have too many masks these days, so why not give one with a personal touch? “I got this gift idea from a devoted mask-wearer who lives in an area with like-minded people and often doesn’t know to whom she is talking. She suggests buying a supply of black or white masks, and embroidering each mask with the name of the designated recipient: I’m Jane. I’m Joe.” Cost: About $5 to $10 — Jane Brody, Personal Health columnist


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