How and When to Effectively Give Corporate Gifts

In today's business world, the practice of giving corporate gifts to one's customers is common. Giving gifts to clients is a wonderful way to express thanks and appreciation for their patronage. Just giving any gift, without putting thought into what is being given, however, is a mistake that is often made by companies. In order to best serve your clients and make the greatest impact, the product given as well as the timing of the gifting can have a huge influence on the desired outcome of corporate gifting.

A very common practice of companies who give corporate gifts to their clients is to send the gift during the busy Christmas season. It may be wiser, however, to time the giving of these gifts during a period in which a greater impact will be made. The Christmas season is a very busy time of year. Often clients will find that they receive a plethora of gifts, cards, and messages of appreciation from companies all at the same time. Because of this, individual gifts can get lost in the shuffle. A company who wishes to be remembered for their gift may wish to instead choose a time such as Thanksgiving in which to send a corporate gift. Expressing thanks during this time will most likely stand out and be noticed. Finding a natural time in which to send the corporate gift will present the element of surprise and delight, and will most likely be perceived as a more personal expression of appreciation.

Just as important as the timing of giving corporate gifts is the choice of the gift itself. A good deal of thought should go into the type of gift that should be given. Gifts that are short-lived in use, such as pens that have a small amount of ink, or items that are very disposable should be avoided. Finding a gift that is both unique and memorable to the recipient is a much better choice. The type of gift that is chosen will vary, depending upon the needs and individual characteristics of the individual who is being gifted.

It is wise to realize that choosing who to give the corporate gifts to is just as important as what to give. Businesses often send gifts to administrators and those who are in charge. This is a great practice, however, it is important to realize that also gifting administrative assistants is a very important part of corporate gifting. Those who have been in business for a long time realize that administrators often change rapidly. The administrative assistants tend to stay for years and are a constant in the business. Making sure to please and appreciate these hard working individuals can go a long way to making sure that a continuing and positive relationship between businesses and their clients is maintained for years to come.