How Can I Tell If She Likes Me? 3 Signs She’s Attracted to You

Finding a girl that likes you can be difficult if you can’t spot them. Most women are very worried about rejection so if you ignore a girl that likes you, she will lose interest. This is a time tested FACT. Women will not wait forever while you try to figure out if she likes you or not. It’s time you learn the top 3 signals that a girl likes you (so you can make your move already!)

Smile and Nods

A woman smiling and nodding when you speak is a great sign. Whether that smile is forced or natural, a smile means that she likes you. Nodding is a positive way to approve of what you say. If you see this a lot, it means you can move further and ask this girl out.

Fiddling Around

A girl that’s playing around with a necklace or her hair is sending you a good signal. Even if its just a nervous tick, it means she likes you. In addition, she is also physically attracted to you. When a woman likes what she sees, she will subconsciously force you to focus on her erotic zones. She plays with her necklace to put more emphasis on her breasts, A girl might also use her hand to touch her opposite elbow in this type of situation.

Nervous Behavior

Feeding off of the last signal, a girl who seems nervous likes you. Women are just as nervous to meet new guys as men are. Women are especially nervous around guys they think are very attractive. Even if you don’t think your very good looking, she thinks so.