How do you know if an online store outside the US is reliable?

In search of the lowest price when we buy a product, it will be common for, in addition to Amazon, Media Markt to meet unknown stores and sellers. They may be cheaper, but are they reliable?

In this article, we offer a series of tips and tools that, while not reducing the risk to 0, will minimize it as much as possible, so that you can buy online more safely. These are the right tips even for Christmas facts.

Social media and feedback

The topic of social media is a good indicator for two reasons. To begin with, they are a tool for retaining and attracting customers, which is why online stores often have profiles from which to interact and promote their products. To do this, check if they are active.

The other reason is that there is always someone on the internet who has had the same thing happen to you before. A quick search will allow us to find feedback from other customers, for example, emmiol review. In addition, complaints are more common than successful transactions.

Shop securely online with a secure network

When certain procedures are to be performed over the Internet, they must be performed on a secure network. Today, with the rise of smartphones and artificial intelligence, people are connecting from anywhere.

It is good to read the press or consult some specific information, but to perform other types of procedures, especially those involving online payment by card, it is more than advisable to do it on secure networks.

A secure network is understood to be restricted to access by others, ie if you use an airport’s public Wi-Fi network, your data is exposed to many other people who might intercept it for dubious legal purposes.

Keep in mind that not all product and price comparison websites are created equal. Some websites may be from the same manufacturer who wants to promote their products. Other sites may be operated by companies that list or evaluate only products from vendors that pay them to do so. Focus your search on reputable and reliable product comparison and pricing sites.

When reading ads for a product:

  • Make sure you know the total cost, including shipping, handling, delivery, taxes, and other charges.
  • Assess whether the advertised “selling price” is a business for you. For example, if you need to buy more than you want or get a good price, it may not be as convenient.
  • See if the advertised “selling” price is the lowest selling price. Some sellers may put something up for sale for a limited time; others may offer that discounted price every day.
  • Please read the product description carefully, including lowercase letters. Using words such as “reconstituted”, “vintage” or “liquidation” could mean that the product is not in perfect condition. And if you see famous branded items at very low prices, they can be counterfeit or stolen.
  • Check out their pricing policies and contact the seller if you’d like to ask them to match a competitor’s price. Some sellers will equal or even exceed the prices of a competitor.