How I Dominate Women – Using "Black Ops" Seduction Tactics

Don’t you ever wish that you have the ‘superpowers’ to dominate women? With this power, you will make ‘chasing women’ unnecessary – instead it will ‘reverse’ the process and make women chase you instead. Read on to discover three “black ops” tactic from the seduction underworld that will make you be the dominant one when it comes to meeting and seducing women…

Black Ops Tactic #1 – “My Way or My Way”. This should be the first and foremost principle in your relationships. Be the Male Chauvinist Pig if you must – but you must NEVER give up control in the relationship. Be unreasonable, and a control freak. You will find that women will strangely start to be compliant to your requests when you start doing this. Magic.

Black Ops Tactic #2 – “Set The Frame”. When the relationship is still early, quickly adopt the ‘leadership’ position. There is a very real danger of getting pigeonholed during the start of any relationship. If you become the weaker partner early on, then your woman will forever think of you that way, and it will be difficult for you to be dominant later.

Black Ops Tactic #3 – “Fractionation”. This is a highly effective (but still little-known) tactic stolen from the field of hypnosis. It involves ‘anchoring’ the woman’s happy states to the man, making her emotionally dependent on him.

How this is done is by bringing the girl through an emotional rollercoaster (both happy and sad states) through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. Master seducers have been known to use this technique to seduce women and make them ‘surrender’ themselves in as little as 15 minutes.