How To Attract And Seduce Women Using The 'Unmask Method'

When it comes to meeting, attracting and seducing women, most guys do not know where to start. But that's not their fault. The reason the majority of men lack the seduction skills necessary to attract a gorgeous girl is because they do not get out there and make a conscious effort to meet and get talking to women. And even the ones that do still struggle, because they lack the social proficiency needed to engage a girl on a level that creates sexual attraction and desire.

So what do you do?

Giving up means you're guaranteed to go without female attention forever. And trying to attract women using your current level of ability and set of skills means you're almost certainly never going to surpass the amount of success you're having at the moment – which probably is not much.

That leaves only one viable option: learning new skills that will, when used, allow you to achieve a new level of seduction success with the ladies. You're going to start that process right now by learning the 'unmask method'.

Here's how it works to help you attract women.

If you can, have a wingman with you (a male friend). Together, find two women who are sitting talking. Once found, approach them and say:

"Hi, do you mind if we sit with you at this table until our other friend gets here? She's running late for some reason."

This opener (introductory line) sounds non-threatening and the mention of your FEMALE friend takes away the feeling of you and your male friend hitting on / pairing up with the two girls. Once they agree, take a seat and ask a couple of simple, preparatory questions, like where they're from and what they work as.

Do not expect the pick-up to be going particularly well at this point, however.

The girls will probably answer your questions politely enough but not really engage with you and your wingman on any meaningful level. After a short while you'll notice that the two girls will start talking to each other like you and your friend were not there – not rudely though, just naturally. You should do the same with your friend. Then comes the unmask method. What it does is extremely powerful in engaging the girl (s) and getting them really interested in talking to you properly. Here's what you should say and do.

Move a little closer to the girl nearest to you and lean in. With a smile, look her straight in the eye and say: "Okay, you've been sitting over there at the bar and you saw two girls, like yourself, sitting at a table like this one. , you saw two guys like us come over like we did, sit down and start talking to those girls.

Trust me, the power of this seemingly simple question is amazing. What it does is two-fold. First, it totally turns the dynamic the four of you have on its head. You're no longer talking about banal topics like work and the weather. You've got your teeth into a really juicy, fun topic. Second, the girl can not give a negative response, simply because she and her friend allowed you to sit down and talk to them, and the conversation up until the point at which you asked the unmask question was fine and friendly.

The last time I saw the unmask method used was last week in a hotel bar by one of my students. He and his friend approached two girls and did just what I've described above. The girl he asked responded with a strong smile and said: "Erm, well, I'd think you were brave! It takes a lot of guts, I think, to talk to strangers, especially women." From that point on the two girls were totally engrossed in the conversation with the guys and displayed a clear attraction for them. That's because the unmask method: showed the guys were confident enough to ask a forthright question, highlighted how socially profitable they were, and involved the girls on a deep, opinion-related level.

Try using the unmask method next time you're with a wingman and spot two hot girls you'd like to get talking to.