How to Attract Women – Becoming an Instant Chick Magnet

Attracting women is a skill that many want, but do not have. Truth be told it is really not as hard as many people make it out to be. The problem is men are usually scared or afraid to try it out for fear of rejection. If they just used it, they would find that more likely than not they would be successful. I like to call this my C and C approach to attracting women.

Confidence and Cockiness are two things that women find irresistible. If you are confident in yourself a woman can see that and will be drawn to that. Put yourself in her shoes, if you were approached by a guy who was wishy-washy and was not really confident in himself, would you want to go out with him? My guess is probably not. There is however a fine line that gets drawn between confidence and arrogance. The big difference is in how you carry yourself. You can be totally confident without making someone feel bad about them selves. This is where arrogance usually lives.

Cockiness is another quality that seems to work with the ladies. It has worked for me and I have used it to perfection. It shows a woman that you are confident and you know that you are a good catch, in a good way, not a bad way. If you can throw in humor into that you have got a home run of a plan going for you. Cockiness is another attribute that you need to watch as well. You walk a fine line with this one as you do with confidence. Come off as being sure of yourself and not that you are better than others and you will come out smelling like roses.

Combined, these qualities can turn an ordinary guy into the guy that the ladies want, the guy that the women flock to and turn their attention on. Stop being the guy that just takes what ever he can get. The whole world is right in front of you. Stop wasting precious time.