How to Be Confident Flirt Around Women

This article is all about how to make a great first impression, being a confident flirt around women at all times.

You meet a girl that you REALLY like.

In fact, you like her SO much that you're WORRIED about making a great first impression.

And to * guarantee * that she'll like you back, you worry about being on your best behavior when you're around her.

Now I hate to tell you this. If the above scenario sounds like you then you're probably "dropping the ball" with the women you meet.

Here's why …

When you worry about your first impression, you're not acting like an interesting guy who playfully flirts with women. As you know, flirting creates sexual attraction. This is especially true when you meet a girl for the FIRST time.

If you do not flirt, then a girl will not feel those fluttery sparks of interest. Many guys "drop the ball" with women because they have the 'I just met her' mindset.

The 'I just met her mindset' is a DANGEROUS attitude to have.

When you think this way, you say to yourself:

* "I can not tease her because we JUST MET."

* "I should not touch her because we JUST MET."

* "I have to act formal because we JUST MET."

* "I should ask * safe * questions because we JUST MET."

This mindset ruins ANY chance of attraction because you're not behaving like a fun, interesting guy. Instead you're doing like the predictable guys who bore the HELL out of women.

The undeniable truth is this. Flirting can be done in ANY context, EVEN if you just met her:

In fact, the MOST important time to flirt is when you've just met a girl.

This makes you seem like the potential lover, not a friend.

Her entire opinion of you will be based on what you DO during the first few minutes of a conversation. So if you're not flirting, then you're killing your chances of attracting her!

Now you might worry about the RISK that's involved when you open flirt with a woman. Perhaps you feel like you'll lose "what you have" by openly showing your interest for her. Maybe you even feel that teasing and bantering will piss her off and ruin ANY chance of "getting her."

Well if that's the case, then you should adopt the following mindset …

When you meet a woman, use your flirting as a screening process.

In essence, you flirt as a way to "test the waters" and see how she reacts.

If you find that she gets pissy or starts talking about her boyfriend, then you ALREADY have enough about this potential relationship. You know that it probably will not work out with this girl, so you can save yourself a lot of effort by moving on to someone who's more receptive to your flirting.

However if she teases you or flirts back, then you know that this girl could be someone you want to pursue. She's already told you that she has a sense of humor and is probably interested.

So … when you meet a woman, do not worry about making a great first impression. Instead, challenge her by flirting and playfully bantering.