How to Choose a Unique Gift Idea

Gift giving can sometimes be like negotiating your way through an obstacle course – blindfolded!

The longer you have known the person the harder it can become; after all you will have already presented them with numerous birthdays, Christmas and other gifts over the years.

And of course you want to avoid the "safe" option by giving the exact same thing you did a couple of years ago. So how do you choose a unique gift idea – something different that will be appreciated?

Below are some ideas to get you started:

1. Find a creative way to link your gift to a favorite hobby or past time

If your friend say, is always crooning away, rather than taking them for a night out at the nearest karaoke bar, why not get them a recording artist experience which allows them to be a real pop star for the day?

Or if the person that you have in mind is partial to playing the odd practical joke, rather than doing something unoriginal which has been done so many times before, like resetting their alarm clock for two hours earlier, or putting extra strength glue on their chair at work.

Get a spoof newspaper front page produced which looks completely convincing and is sure to raise a smile.

2. Find a gift that fits one of their personality traits

Are you looking for something for that ultra-competitive person who likes to win at everything? You know the type; if they can not win they're not playing! Why not enroll them to participate in an assault course. Here they can challenge the mud and obstacles to hold them back as much as the other competitors.

Or maybe this particular person likes to drive just that bit too fast on the road and has had a few speeding tickets? In that case consider an opportunity for them to drive a high-powered sports car in a safe environment.

3. Choose something that fulfills an expressed aspiration

If the person in question has dropped a few minority or not so subtle hints then this gives a great scope to buy them something that is really wanted.

For example, if the present is for a woman who favorite fragrance has almost finished, do not just head out to the nearest department store and buy a new bottle. Allow her to go one step further and indulge in the experience of creating her very own scent.

4. Go all-out with a complete treat

Some people are real champions, always caring for others and constantly putting their own needs last. For this type of person, why not consider something which is just an all-out treat to make them feel good and say thank you. A great way to express this is an experience which they are just too modest to arrange for themselves.

Perhaps a relaxing aromatherapy massage to soothe away all the stresses of daily life, or for chocolate lovers how about an opportunity to not only indulge in eating the stuff, but actually make their own unique selection box?

Bearing these tips in mind should help you to choose a unique gift that is not just like all the others, but one which goes just that bit further and lets the recipient know that they are really special.