How To Choose A Wedding Bouquet That Is Right For You

One of the hardest parts of arranging a wedding is deciding what type of wedding bouquet to use.

It's definitely not easy, because you have to pick a wedding bouquet that is right for you, and at the same time, make sure it suits the rest of the bridal party, and suits the style and theme of your wedding.

And then you have to choose a bouquet that suits your bodyshape.

If you get this wrong, rather than show off your best features, the bouquet will actually highlight your worst flaws!

This is definitely something you should avoid if you dont want to be cringing every time you see the wedding photos!

I'll let you know how to pick the right bouquet for your body shape shortly, but first I'd like to give you a little bit of advice …

Friends, family, and even complete strangers will all want to help you choose which bouquet you get. They'll have advice on colors, shapes, and flowers. If you're lucky they'll all be agreeing on what they like. But more likely, they'll all be giving you different and competitive advice.

One friend will be advising on roses because she really likes them, while another friend will be telling you to stay away from roses.

One person will be advising that you need pale colors, while another will say that colors are not very romantic!

Do not listen to any of them!

It's YOUR wedding, and it's YOUR opinion that counts. Thank your family and friends for their ideas, but choose something that YOU like. Do not make any decisions because someone else told you to do it that way!

Now that I've got that out of the way, I can tell you how to choose your bouquet …

Start by looking through some bridal magazines, and getting a sense of what you like, and what you do not like.

While looking through the magazines, try and answer these 6 questions in your head:

1. What colors do you want in your bouquet?

2. What type of flowers do you want in your bouquet?

3. What shape bouquet do you want?

4. What size bouquet do you want?

5. What type of greenery do you want?

6. Would you like fresh flowers, or silk flowers?

I'm not going to give you any advice on answering these questions, because really, it's up to you.

There are four things I'd like to consider though …

1 – Silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers, but look just as good, are not as expensive, and can be kept after the wedding without preserving.

2 – The type of stems you choose (natural or wired), will limit the types of bouquet you can make.

3 – You should try and keep the flower girl bouquets in a similar style, but try to make them smaller. After all, it's YOU who is the star of the wedding.

4 – If you want to make your own wedding bouquet, then silk flowers are much easier to use, as you dont have to worry about damaging them.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider though is choosing the right style of bouquet for your body shape …

1. Short Ladies …

I recommend that short ladies go for a large teardrop or sheath bouquet, as they need to add height. These two types of bouquets give the illusion of length, were as a posy would make you look more compact and shorten you even more.

2. Tall Ladies …

I recommend that tall ladies go for a large posy or a medium teardrop bouquet. A large posy will draw the eye down and give people a focal point so that they will not be focusing on your height. A medium teardrop will also draw the eye down so that your height looks a little more even.

3. Large Ladies …

I recommend that large ladies get a large bouquet. A small bouquet will exaggerate your width, and make you seem larger than you really are. Use a large bouquet, which will make you seem much slimmer.

The trick is to choose a wedding bouquet shape that flatters you, but at the same time, make sure that it does not take too much focus away from you. After all, you want to have a beautiful wedding bouquet, but quite you want people to be looking at YOU, not your flowers!

I hope these guidelines help you when you are making a decision about your wedding bouquet. Always remember to go with what feels right- never choose a bouquet solely based on other peoples suggestions (or because your favorite movie star had that bouquet when they got married). And remember a wedding is supposed to be fun!