How to Choose Wedding Invitations

Invitation options are unlimited. There are designs based on seasons, holidays, nature, color combinations, themes, religion, ethnic backgrounds, flowers, and much more. And if that is not enough to confuse you, you also have a wide variety of fonts and ink colors, and types of wedding versa to choose from. Fonts will range from old English, to script, plain text, calligraphy, etc. One thing to make sure is that you do not choose a font that may be difficult to read, especially if you may have a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds at your wedding.

Here are some questions for you to consider when choosing your invitation design:

What is your wedding invitation budget?

Wedding invitations come in all budgets and all styles. If you are looking to keep your budget on wedding invitations to a minimum, you may just go with the wedding invitation itself plus the response card. The response card is a smaller card that goes inside the invitation card so that guests can respond with the number that will be attaching or not attending, and mail it back to you. (You provide the stamp).

For larger wedding invitation budgets, you may want to get the whole package. That would include the wedding invitation itself, the response card, a reception card (which states where the reception will be if held at a separate place), and a thank you card, for after the wedding. There are also other options available like fancy seals, lined envelopes with matching ink colors, and place cards with your guests names on them.

What time of the year will your wedding take place?

If your wedding will be a fall wedding, there are lovely invitations to coordinate this theme representing fall foliage, nature, etc. In winter time? Many of the wedding invitations today can alternatively be called holiday cards, since they reflect the snow and holiday theme into them. Spring and summer weddings have by far the largest choice if going with those themes. There are infinite depths of wedding invitations with beach themes, shells, sand, couples on a beach or under the moonlight, calla lilies, roses, tulips, butterflies, hearts, and just about every theme you can imagine.

Should the style be traditional or contemporary?

That is completely up to you. Traditional and / or classic wedding invitations tend to be more old-fashioned in design, with lots of flowers, vines, paisley designs, large cornice-type borders, and have that old feel. Many of them come in black and white as well. Contemporary wedding invitations tend to be more colorful, more color blends, more modern type illustrations of flowers, sailboats, shells, etc. Both styles are great, try to select the wedding invitation that best matches the theme of your wedding. Once again just remember to choose the type of wedding invitation that best describes you, your groom, and your wedding theme. With all of today's gorgeous choices, you are sure to find the perfect style you will love.