How to Create Your Personal Style

Every man needs a way to set himself apart from the crowd. Women look for men who take the initiative, and develop their own unique style. There's no simple way to accomplish this goal; instead, it's important to combine multiple aspects into one meaningful package. A number of different categories are involved in attaining this end goal, but we'll focus on three major factors for the purpose of giving you a head start on attaining your own personal style.

Clothing: Your clothing has to reflect who you are in the world. Of course, it's important to maintain different wardrobes for different occasions. You need to format specific dress codes for each situation. For example, work necessitates a certain style that is confident yet professional. Going out to bars and clubs requires dress that has more panache, and demonstrates to the world that you have a sense of style that is unique.

You do not have to go all out and spend thousands of dollars in your first trip to the department store. Many of the items you already have in your closet can be used to compliment the clothing that you're adding. Considering that retro is more in than ever, it's certainly possible that some of the stuff hidden under your bed that you have not worn since high school is back in high fashion.

Perhaps even more important than your choice of clothing is the way you wear it. Even if you're wearing expensive, designer clothes, you'll immediately be deducted if there are obvious stains. It almost does not need to be stated (or at least it should not), but personal hygiene is an important component on the path towards style.

Your Scent: This is generally under appreciated and underrated, in terms of creating the unique you. Many men do not even wear cologne, but this is a useful tool for making the ladies swoon. In time, those close to you will begin to automatically associate your signature scent with the new, powerful you. Essentially, mastering your scent represents a secret weapon for redefining everything you stand for. That's not stating that cologne is an extremely sexy aphrodisiac for most women. Appropriately, they will not be able to resist-really, they will not know what has hit them.

Attitude: This is probably the most crucial part of developing your personal style. You can not run around acting silly all the time. That kind of behavior would completely undermine the strides you've taken in other areas such as clothing. You need to always maintain a refined attitude, making sure never to show anger or fear in public. You'll be surprised by how quickly people begin to take you seriously if you do the same. No one will appreciate the "new you" if you do not have that high opinion of yourself.

Combine all of these standards, and you'll have the recipe for success. Transformation probably will not take place overnight, but if you maintain a constant vigil, you'll look into the mirror someday soon and find yourself shocked at the sight of the new, better you.