How To Dress So You Look Skinnier

Ever notice how one outfit makes you look like you're about to waddle to the buffet line, and another creates a lean, slender line on your body? There are a few secrets both men and women can incorporated into their wardrobes to help give the illusion of thinness – even if you have some problem areas.

1. Think monochromatic. Weaving two different colors and lots of patterns may be fun and interesting, but it creates the appearance of a larger body. Monochromatic outfits, such as black pants and a black shirt, will make your body appear thinner.

2. Skip the horizontal stripes. They only make the part of the body they encircle look larger, so especially avoid them on trouble spots. If you have thick arms, for example, avoid horizontal stripes on your biceps. If your tummy has a pooch, avoid a horizontal stripe around your midsection.

3. Choose vertical stripes. Exactly the opposite of horizontal stripes, vertical stripes draw the eye up and down – making you appear leaner. Pinstripes are a good choice to elongate the legs, too.

4. Never have a hem end at a trouble spot. If your arms are bulging, forget about cap sleeves. If your stomach is a problem, avoid shirts that end right at your hemline.

5. Body skimming is better than concealing. A common mistake people make is buying clothes too large for their body to conceal all their pudgy spots. But, in reality, it only makes the body look bigger! Fabrics that gently graze the body – without hugging or hanging – will make you look your smallest.