How to Get Women Addicted to You

Listen up, dude – do you want to know how to get women totally addicted to you? Getting a woman attracted to you is not really a difficult thing – provided you know how to exactly do just that. Read on to discover the surefire techniques to make a woman crave you and do anything you want her to do …

How to Get Women Addicted To You

First, here's a simple way to understand how attraction between a man and a woman happens. If you come across as a 'worthy' man and you are able to stir up the emotions in a woman, then she will certainly be attracted to you. The reality is that women will not be able to help it when they feel attracted to a man.

Now how do you use that fact to your advantage? Simple, really. Whenever you see a woman that you fancy, remember that you will need to get her to be 'emotionally invested' on you.

One way to get the woman's 'emotional investment' is to use hypnosis. Moral questions side, hypnotic tactics and techniques have been used by expert seducers to make women fall in love with them in very short time – often in the matter of minutes.

One such tactic is called 'fractionation'. Adopted from the world of 'underground' hypnosis, this technique involves making the woman go through an emotional rollercoaster in a conversation. She is made to experience both positive and negative feelings – so that she feels both happy and sad within a short interval of time.

The seducer then proceeds to 'associate' her happy (or positive) feelings to him – making her emotionally addicted to him. As a result, she becomes highly compliant to your wishes – and will often do the things that you ask her to do. Powerful stuff indeed.