How to Handle Women – A Playboy’s Method to Handle Women and Make Her Beg You For Sex

When it comes to choosing a partner, women pursue a very specific set of qualities in a man. Most men find it hard to get the women they want because they don’t possess these qualities. While most men seek the ‘silver bullet’ to make them better with women, the fact is that they won’t be able to shortcut the process because women are able to detect fakery very easily. Therefore, it is very important for men to know how to handle women, and to be able to display those desired characteristics effectively at the same time.

Now here’s the kicker…

The good news is that you do NOT have to change in order to be the man that women want to pursue. However, you will need to know some tricks that will enable you to handle women more effectively. I hereby bring you…

3 Deadly Effective Ways To Handle Women

1. Conceal Your Weaknesses. This is rule numero uno. Men fail in relationships because they expose their weaknesses too early in the game. It’s fine to show the ‘weaker’ side of you when you have already had sex with the woman about twenty times in five days, but if you come across as a total wimp in the first ten minutes then you can be sure that you won’t get into her panties. Ever.

2. Conceal Your Emotions. When you’re in her company, you might be in a vulnerable situation where you feel the urge to react emotionally. Remember that you are always being tested, so be as emotionless as possible. Act as if nothing bothers you at all. All (yes, ALL) women test their potential mates by making them jump through hoops. Call her bluff.

3. Bring Her Through An Emotional Rollercoaster. Learn this strategy and thank me for it. Women love drama. Give them pleasure, and then pain, and then pleasure again. She will be hooked on you like how she is hooked to those sissy tearjerkers and soap operas.