How to Have the Self-Confidence to Meet and Attract Beautiful Women

If you are interested in meeting women, all you need to have is self confidence. The main reason why men fear approaching pretty women is because they don’t know how to start an interesting conversation. Here are some helpful tips and techniques on how to start a conversation with the woman you are interested in.

The following questions are just simple but surely, they will work on opening an interesting conversation when meeting the woman that you like most:

What do you do for a living? This question is very common, but this will help you open an interesting topic especially when the woman starts to tell stories about her experience in her job.

What kind of music do you usually want to listen to? Music is one of the most interesting topics you can come up because there are lots of women who love listening to music.

What Movie or what television shows do you like most? This question can prolong the conversation you have already started. You may also pretend that you have the same preferences when it comes to movies. You can even discuss some funny movies to make your conversation not too boring.

Now that you know how to start a very interesting conversation, the next thing you should do is remove the problem that hinder you from meeting pretty women. Build up self confidence; overcome the fear of meeting women. Never feel that you are not a good looking men, do not think that if you are not rich, women will not be interested in you. You also don not have the reason to think that the women you are interested in will not turn her face and give some attention when you approach them. Take this away from your head in order to build self confidence.

Be smart enough in thinking of strategy that you need in meeting women. It will give you more confidence that you need in order to get the woman that you are interested in. Try choosing the right and interesting conversation starter so that you can get a good impression from her. Remember that first impression lasts. It is better if you make your conversation funny because most women like men with great sense of humor and this will help you to trigger the friendship between you and the woman you are interested in.

Another thing that men fear most when meeting women is rejection. Men have high level of ego and they do not want to be rejected when approaching a woman. The best way to overcome refusal and rejection as well as fear is to take things easy. You don’t have to stick on the woman that you really like. Move to the next woman and instead of dwelling over the failure you experience on meeting women, try figuring out the mistakes and flaws that caused you to fail in meeting women. This will really help you a lot to improve and build your self confidence