How To Impress A Woman Today

Did you know that impressing women is not really as complicated and difficult as what most people make them out to be? In fact, did you actually know that the harder you try to impress a woman, the more her guard will go up against you? The correct way towards impressing a woman is to apply a natural and universal principle that is bound to arouse any interest in any human beings: to be as different from the norm as much as possible.

There is no doubt that people tend to be attracted to things that are a lot different from the things they have or can get. Even when faced with something that is incompetent, that thing would still be able to catch and keep our attention for a while as long as it is uncommon enough. That is the reason why even murder cases get so much attention in the newspapers and media.

The reason behind this is because a lot of people tend to attach more value to stuff or things that are harder to come by. Just think of the things that you said were interesting in the past just because they were rare.

So, the same goes when you are trying to impress a woman – you need to be as different from the norm as possible. By being out of the ordinary, you will be able to fulfill her two most basic emotional needs – safety and variety.

You can easily demonstrate that you are different from other men in her life by being the exception, such as not being threatened when other men enter her presence, getting hurt or rattled when getting returned by her, not going out of way to impress her and so on. Start listening to her instead and do not worry about when you should talk or when it is going to be your turn to talk.

When it is your turn to talk, there are a few tricks or techniques you can use, such as playful teasing, asking her more questions and so on. Do not always be talking about yourself when it is your turn to talk without she has asked something specifically concerning yourself. If you have not realized by now, it is actually quite difficult to find a good listener nowdays, such that sometimes just by being a good listener is more than enough to become the exception to the norm and be able to impress that girl you like .