How to List Your Gift on an Online Giveaway

Adding a free gift to an online giveaway is a great way to build a list, so I have created a ten step giveaway guide on how to give your gift on an online giveaway.

(1) Find a site that lists giveaway events and click on the contributor link of the giveaway event that wish to add your gift to. Read through the page to check that your gift is appropriate and check the rules of the giveaway.

(2) At the bottom of the page is where you will need to enter your name, email address and password. In some online giveaways, a password will be generated for you. I recommend that you set up an email account dedicated to just giveaways, as you will receive a lot of emails as a result of signing up to them.

(3) You will then need to check the aforementioned email address to activate your contributor account to that giveaway.

(4) When you click on the activation link, it is likely that you will be taken to a One Time Offer page where you will be offered the chance to become an upgraded contributor. You should seriously consider this, especially if your list is not that large and you do not have means or traffic to invite new members and contributors.

The updated contributor status will mean that your gift will appear closer to the top of total gift listings, getting you more subscribers and allowing your gift to stay online for the duration of the giveaway as you will have enough points to warrant it. Often you'll also get the chance to add your own OTO and more than one gift. The price of this upgrade varies from about $ 17 to $ 47. If you are not interested in this option, you simply scroll down past the order button, to select No Thanks Continue.

(5) You'll then be taken to the login page where you enter your email address and password and press login. It is likely that you will be shown another OTO (or two). So read through these to see if you like the offer, or simply scroll down to the bottom of the page to select No Thanks Continue.

(6) You should now be on the main account page. There are only a couple of sections that we are interested in, depending on the giveaway software used to create the event. Usually the two sections we would be interested in would be Settings (or Profile) and Manage Gifts.

(7) Looking at the Settings (or Profile) page, we want to make sure to enter our PayPal email address (and sometimes Clickbank ID) so that if anyone that we do give this to giveaway buys the OTO, we will receive a commission . Once this is done, hit the save button, or commit changes button as is the case on this particular giveaway I am going through. This will take you back to the main menu.

Also be sure take note of your sponsor referral link and affiliate link that is found here. In some giveaway events these links can be found in the Promote and Invite Contributor links on the main menu, depending on the giveaway script that is used to create the event.

(8) Now from the main menu, select the Manage Gifts link, and then the Add New Gift link.

(9) You will now be taken to a page where you will add the details of the free gift that you are giving away. Typically, you will be asked for an image of your free gift, which you upload from your computer or provide an image URL for. Next you will need to add an appealing title and enticing description to make sure people want to download your gift. There will also be a place to add links for the landing and download pages. Some online giveaways will also ask for download instructions, a support email address, and affiliate details if this is applicable to you. Press Add Gift and you are almost done.

(10) Promote the contributor link to your list before the giveaway goes live and the members link when the online giveaway is on air. If you do not have a list yet, you get traffic through Twitter, writing articles related to giveaways and blogging about giveaway events to name a few.

That's it, that is the giveaway gift giving process. Rinse and repeat with as many online giveaway sites that you can find and that list will building momentum in no time.