How to Make a Woman Have Multiple Orgasms – 3 Sure Fire Tips to Blow Her Mind With Numerous Orgasms

Is one of your biggest fantasy is to have women moaning and screaming out your name from enjoyment during your interval? To really become the perfect lover in bed you must put away your desires and put all of your focus and energy into her. By not being selfish and giving her your undivided attention you will become incredible in bed and leave her body shaking and quivering from orgasms after orgasms. Below are 3 proven sure-fire tricks that will leave her dreaming about only you.

Understand her emotions and put it at ease

Women are much different from men. Women feed off feelings and emotions, while men feed off pleasure. When dealing with women put off your own pleasure's and keep her best interest in your brain. Talk to her, women love to talk, but do not be afraid to talk to her in a sexual matter. Explain to her your sexual fantasies in a way that you are not defending her and she will become comfortable enough to reveal you her fantasies. Once you know what she likes, bringing her sexual desires out until she is hot, and then do what she likes. Once you reach her sexual desires she will let you do more.

Have confidence and take control

Woman like men who are experience so they can take control in the bedroom. You should act very confident; confidence is the true key to success. Acting clumsy will make you look like an amateur and will only turn her off. If you can show her that you are determined and in control, because she will definitely respond to that. You can start by touching her genteelly, kiss her passionately and start slowly removing her clothes. Also, tease her a little bit, women love to be teased and by doing so she will only want you more.

Use the "10 o'clock and 2 o'clock" trick

No, I'm not talking about a specific time you should have sex with her. What I'm talking about is the positions of her clitoris (on either side). Use your tongue in a 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock motion right under the hood of her clitoris. By stimulating her clitoris in this motion she will very orgasmic, be sure to be gentle but consistent at the same time and she will be very appreciative.

Here's a bonus tip: You can really have your woman's thighs quivering from multiple orgasms by using this mysterious technique !