How to Pick Up Free Women

Every guy out there wants to know how to pick up free women, but a lot of times we run into their boyfriend or one of their girlfriends who is trying to keep them from getting hit on. The problem is, we never know whether a woman is free until we actually go up and talk to them, often with disastrous results. There is that fear of rejection in every guys mind as he is approaching a girl and for many of us its hard to get over. Luckily there are different tricks and tips we can use to find out whether or not the women is free.

Keep an eye on her

What most guys neglect to do when checking out a woman is to see if she is with another guy. So many times I see some idiot just going up to some girl without putting in the slightest thought as to whether or not she is taken or free. We are either just too drunk or too ballsy to even realize whether or not her boyfriend may be standing on the other side of the room with a few of his jacked friends. From the moment you see a woman that catches your eye, you need to keep a constant look out for the boyfriend. The best way to do this is see where she is looking throughout the night. Does she keep motioning to some guy on the other side of the room? Did she walk in with another guy, while not holding hands or making out with that guy, is she looking at him affectionately? You will completely avoid a potentially embarrassing situation if you maintain some sort of awareness of whether or not she is with someone.

How about the friends?

Another way to make sure you know how to pick up free girls is to keep a lookout for her friends. Are they standing guard around her like bodyguards or are they off kind of doing their own thing? Girls that tend to stand around in packs tend to have a natural tendency to fend off any potential guys. Even if you’re the best looking guy in the bar, if they are not the girl getting hit on, they will try to get their friend to not even talk to you by distracting her or even completely cutting off your introduction. If a girl is free, she will try to keep herself cutoff from the group in some way, which is essentially an invitation for most guys to come on over.