How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget and Have a Beautiful One

Getting married is one of the most meaningful decisions you will take in your lifetime. Having said that, there are many more decision to make. One of them is how to plan the wedding. The frame of it all is the budget that you can put into it. On the one hand each couple wants their wedding to be a dream wedding, one that will be beautiful and the guests will appreciate and remember long after. On the other hand the budget is limited and everything has to be carefully calculated.

In order to have it work, a detailed plan has to be made. There are 10 points that one has to think of especially if you would like to have a cheap wedding that is great:

1. Wedding location

2. Wedding dress

3. Bridegroom's outfit

4. Bridemaids dresses

5. Catering

6. Wedding decorations and Flowers

7. Wedding cake

8. Music

9. Wedding invitations

10. Tables setting

1. Wedding location. There are plenty of options. You can make a choice from hotels which can be very expensive to a private house of a friend which will cost close to nothing.

2. A wedding gown can be bought in a bridal saloon – which will charge from $ 2000 to much more. A similar dress can cost you just the tenth of the price if you by a nice white evening gown in a department store, or a white cocktail suite that you can use more than this one time. Remember, a cheap wedding dress does not need look cheap. It can be a very logical choice.

3. The bridegroom's outfit can also be bought in the men's department, not necessarily in the wedding department. You will be surprised at how much more your money is worth this way.

4. The same rule applies for the bridesmaids' dresses. Instead of shopping at the bridal department take the option of buying the dress in the women's department. There are some gorgeous dresses there for a small percentage of the price.

5. Choose your caterer by asking your friends and colleagues about catering they liked. Pick 3-4 caterers, compare prices, taste their food as prepared for events. Do not be too shy to negotiate on the price. It may be worth a few thousand dollars for you.

6. Cut down on the cost of flowers by buying directly from the supplier.

7. Many good bakeries, not necessarily famous will be happy to make the wedding cake for you for a fraction of the price. Just because they do not call themselves wedding cake experts does not mean that they are unable to come up with a wonderful cake. Be the one to discover their talent.

8. These days, when computers are accessible for everyone, music can be "recorded" on the computer by you or by a friend. The price is actually zero and you have the music you love to be played on the most meaningfulful evening of your life.

9. Wedding invitations can be printed on your own computer. That's one of the ways to have a beautiful budgeted wedding.

10. Table setting should be done by the caterer. Make sure you put it in the agreement with your chosen caterer.