How to Quit the 'Let's Just Be Friends' Zone

We all probably have been there before … You meet a girl, and think she's just another attractive woman .. But then, the more you get to know her, the more you start feeling attracted to her. A deep emotional attachment starts building up for her. You do not know, however, if the girl feels the same towards you. Sometimes she could say things like "You are very important to me", but you could never tell if she actually saw you as more than just friends. Because of that, you always felt insecure of 'screwing things up' by kissing her or asking to be her boyfriend.

So one day you decide to take a blind move, and you tell her how you feel. She looks at you with compassion and says "Thank you, that's very sweet. But I do not want to mess our friendship. to avoid you.

Sad story huh? Well … it used to happen to me too, but I learned how to stop it. Girls do not go for the men who do everything they want, buy them gifts, expensive dinners, etc … They want a REAL man who is secure of himself and who does not a woman's approval. Women know from the beginning you are interested in them. That's no secret to them. If you pull the trigger when it does not feel any attraction towards you, it will try to reject you at all costs. The most important thing you must understand is that you can not make a woman feel attractive towards you by being nice to her.

Now let's try to find a solution for the problem:

If you are already in this 'let's just be friends' situation with a particular girl, your best bet is to show you got some self-respect and stop doing all she tells you to. Start dating another women, make her see that you are busy and that you have other things in your life. Do not call her 3 times a day any more. Surprisingly, going out with other girls will actually make her want you desperately. Try it, I guarantee it will work.

However, it would be a lot better if you could just never enter the dreaded zone. All women you meet from now on, act in a way that would make her feel attracted to you, stop acting the nice guy who will always turn into a friend. Start acting like a real man, use the cocky + funny technique Deangelo teachers, be unpredictable. Women love that.