How To Satisfy Women In Bed

Understanding how to please your woman takes time and patience to master and is more of an art than anything. Getting her in the mood with certain maneuvers and simple techniques, will put her that much closer to the overall goal, making her cum! Follow the steps below, once you learn the proper techniques you will be amazed by how much you are worshiped by your woman. There are a few simple steps to accomplish and I will give you a rough overview of each, by identifying them and explaining their importance.

Setting the mood

The important thing to realize is that your woman is looking at the whole picture and not just the act itself. Setting the mood is crucial if you expect a pleasure filled evening. You could set out some candles or even lay out an assortment of her favorite chocolates.


This is a no-brain-er yet most men are clueless on it. You had better have a plan for some good foreplay if you expect to get anywhere. You may know the basics, but it can take time to figure out what your woman really enjoys. If you can find out what that is and do it correctly, then you will be a god to her.

Oral sex

This is when you get down to business. Oral sex is by far the most preferred sex act for a woman. If you expect to properly please your woman, then you had better know how to stimulate her with your tongue. Practice various methods that include nibbling, licking and sucking the clitoris. Her body will tell you when you are doing it right.

A great guide to help you learn how to orally please your woman is a new eBook called “Lick by Lick,” written by sex and relationship expert Michael Webb. We all know that our woman loves it when we go down on her, but unfortunately, we aren’t all that good at it. If you are looking to become a tongue expert, then you should get this book.

You not only need to know how to lick, but also need to know what to lick, when to lick it and for how long. It’s not just “licking”, and there is more to it than you could ever imagine. You will learn everything you need to know to become an expert at cunnilingus and send your woman into orgasmic orbit.