How to Seduce Women With Bouncy Breasts – Dating Big Breasted Women is Hugely Fun

I like big breasts and I cannot lie. If you like bountiful women yourself, then shout it out to the world – just like I do! Why settle for a flat-chested woman when there are those with large breasts just ripe for the picking?

You may be finding it hard to seduce women with big breasts – simply because those are in “high demand” so to speak and they are a little harder to attract. However, with these tips you will be able to make them fall all over for you. Of course, you can use the same tactics on women with smaller breasts, but that’s not the point here…

2 Techniques To Attract Women With Big Breasts – Enjoy The Bountiful Harvest With These Tactics!

Technique #1: Neutralize Her Advantage. When you talk to a woman with huge assets, she will often try to intimidate you simply because she knows that she has got a big advantage over you. Therefore, you want to “neutralize” this by simply IGNORING her breasts. For example, she may try to catch your attention by purposely thrusting her chest in your direction – but you have to be careful not to fall into this trap!

Act as if her assets do not attract you the least. When she feels that her most potent weapon is useless against you, then she will feel powerless.

Technique #2: Fight Fire With Fire. Chances are you are hypnotized by her powerful bosom – so here’s the chance to fight back – hypnotize her!

Masters of seduction have long used mind control tricks and psychology formulas to attract women quickly (15 minutes or even less). It has been rumored that women with large busts tend to get hypnotized easily – you gotta try this out yourself if it is really true!