How to Send Anonymous Mail – 3 Things You Must Watch For!

To keep perfect anonymity when sending real mail, it is recommended that you take advantage of a professional organization that specializes in this. If you really want to know how to send anonymous mail and never be found out if you don’t want to be, keep reading this article. We will cover the 3 most important things you need to consider with any anonymous mailing campaign.

First, let me just say this. People want to learn how to send anonymous mail for a variety of reasons. Some folks want to give a gift without taking any credit. Others are looking to give money to someone who would otherwise reject it out of pride. And then there are folks who are looking to supply sensitive information that may embarrass the recipient, and the sender doesn’t want to share in that embarrassment.

Another common reason why many people learn how to send anonymous mail is for the purpose of revenge. They want to send something that can embarrass, shock, or hurt the recipient, or even completely drag their reputation through the mud. A re-mailing service would certainly work for this, although it is important that you stay within the law when running this type of mail campaign.

As promised, here are the 3 things you must watch for when learning how to send anonymous mail:

1. Be sure the company you’re entrusting your sensitive materials to is, in fact, trustworthy. They shouldn’t keep records of their clients. They shouldn’t snoop through anything you instruct them not to. If they aren’t respecting your privacy at every turn, then it kind of defeats the purpose of operating anonymously.

2. Make sure they’re willing to do some hand writing, especially when it comes to addressing the recipient’s envelope. The less it looks like you or someone you know was involved, the less suspicion your target will point in your direction. Many companies will even let you choose whether you would like a male or a female to do the writing for you. It is wise to take advantage of this, if only for addressing the envelope.

3. Don’t use a company in your area. In fact, look as far away as you can. If you live in Texas, for example, use a company based in New York or Illinois… random is good. Remember, the location of the company you’re using determines the location indicated on the letter’s postmark. This is absolutely critical to the preservation of your complete and total anonymity.

When it’s all said and done, your anonymity relies very heavily upon the amount of homework you do upfront. Investigate good re-mailers and pick the one that makes the most sense to you. This is truly how to send anonymous mail in a way that gets your message across the way you want it to, while still hiding any trace of your personal involvement.