How to Throw a Wild Wedding Hen Night

A wedding hen night, more commonly known as a bachelorette party, is supposedly to be really fun for everyone, especially for the bride to be. It is the last night of the bride-to-be as an unmarried woman. If you're organizing a bachelorette part for your friend, it is your responsibility to give her a proper farewell party-the next time you spend time with her she will not be part of the "singles association" anymore.

Planning a party in honor of a friend can be nerve-wracking-of course, you would want everything to be perfect. But you have to admit, it's much easier than throwing a party for someone you really do not know. Being the bride-to-be's friend is an advantage as you would know what she likes best. If your friend dreams of a wild night with her friends, then give her just that.

A wild party might seem difficult to organize but it's really not. Find a few friends who could help you with some details and get creative. Remember, the main reason for the party is for everyone to have a great time.

If you want the party to be intimate, you can celebrate it at your house. Plan out the usual party elements-food, music, decorations, party favors, etc. Speaking of party favors, nothing could get wilder than kinky party favors. There are a number of adult stores which carry favors for such parties including sex toys, shot glasses, ball & chains, whips, and many others. Of course, do not forget the stripper. After all, what would a wild hen night be without one?

You could also plan a night out with the girls. Take your bride-to-be at your favorite hotspot and spend a night dancing and getting drunk. Take a trip down a male strip club for something really crazy and wild.

Many brides-to-be find the idea of ​​a wild wedding hen night exciting. Of course, you have to gauge how far your friend would want to go. Some brides-to-be might like the idea of ​​a wild night but would not want to go all out. Other brides-to-be, meanwhile, find that the higher the risk the better the party is. Just remember that whatever you have planned out for the night, make sure that it does not embarrass or humiliate the bride-to-be or any guests for that matter. You would want to make this night memorable and of course, extremely fun for everyone.