Ideas For Do it Yourself Wedding Favors

When we talk about unique wedding favors, you can be assured that a wedding favor that is made by you would be the best. Do-it-Yourself wedding favors always tend to have that personal touch and if you have the opportunity to make wedding favors according to the personality of every one. Yes, they do need some of your time, but most Do-it-Yourself wedding favors would have been some of the easiest crafts you have ever done. The added advantage of having to spend less for wedding favors does also help. For guests a simple, hand made wedding favor would hold more importance than a costlier wedding favor you'll pick up from the shelf.

You have countless options when it comes to Do-it-Yourself wedding favors. Even a small photograph of the couple with a handwritten thank you and a quote would be great. This makes it personal and that is something your guests would dear love. You can buy bulk quantity of flowering seeds and pack them in small jars, tins or boxes and give it as a wedding gift. You can always pick flowering seeds based on the liking of the guests, if you know any. If you are planning to give a wedding favor to someone who reads a lot, then you can always make a bookmark for them. A bookmark containing your images, date of the wedding, a quote or anything that you like can be added to it. They will remember you every time they read a book.

Another great Do-it-Yourself wedding favor that you can make is candy. It is easy to make and also you can choose flavors based on the personality of the guests. Many of us like to drink tea and that makes a great wedding favor too. You can pick up some herbal tea that you will get in various flavors, make them into small bags and give it to your guests. You can not deny the fact that magnets are functional and can be made decorative too. They are easily available, are cheap and you can add some decorative colors and images to them. You can place them on wooden bases and the base can be painted something related to your wedding theme. You also can create custom stamps that can be stuck around the wedding favor boxes. If you have time, you can always make small beaded jewelry which can be based on your wedding theme.

Do-it-yourself wedding favors can be practically anything. From tiny objects to huge posters, the options are never limited. Depending on your budget and time you have to spare you can decide on various items that you can give as wedding favors. Do-it-Yourself wedding favors require your time and a bit of patience, especially if you are looking at crafty items. You can be creative, innovative and also mix and match items when it comes to Do-it-Yourself wedding favors. You also have the option of having two or more items packed into a box as your wedding favor. Just remember that when it comes to Do-it-Yourself wedding favors, your personal touch is what is most important. It is these personal touches of yours that will make your guests remember this day for years to come.