Ideas for Team Awards to Motivate the Recipients

Rewarding good work is considered a great gesture to motivate and keep up the spirits of employees. It has been an ancient custom. Just like taking a deep breath rejuvenates you, rewards help rejuvenate the ambition and drive to work in an employee. While there are many ways to do that, it's again custom to weigh the options, when you are buying gifts or rewards for employees, because an organization would never want to over-spend. Here are some ideas for team rewards which are both cost-effective and also high on the motivation factor.

Personalized gifts:

One of the hot-selling gifts in the present scenario, a personalized gift is designed to captivate the employee's pride and make him / her feel special. Now the best part of this gift is that, you may personalize it for a single person or you may even choose to book a bulk order for the entire team of yours.

Also when you book a bulk order, not only will you be entitled to obvious complimentary discounts; you will also usher a team bonding spirit since the entire team has now a sign of success which bears the team's emblem. Such gifts range from personalized coffee mugs to engraved photo-frames or certificates.

Posters of Recognition:

This is a very uncommon and unusual concept to apply. Its still in stages of infancy and this may be because the implementation calls for a fair bit of creativity. When recognition is announced 'aloud', its impact is unduly amplified. This works especially in the lower ranks of the organization, where the teams are a bit more populated.

Prepare posters or mock Advertisements / Campaign sheets, which would be put up on the walls of the organization warrants, declaring the achievements of the team in a cinematic style.

Promotion / Added Responsibility:

It's the classic old-school technique to ante up the responsibility upon someone to motivate his / her performance. If there is no scope for a promotion within your team, try giving more attention and responsibility to that particular employee. It makes them feel important and motivates them.

Rewards motivate, but they are useless if not implemented properly. Mind you, never must your actions of rewarding, hurt the other employees!