I’m a model who traded high fashion for filthy housecleaning

They used to follow her for haute couture — now it’s for hardcore housecleaning.

Model Ellen Milgrau is a model citizen with her latest career change. The 28-year-old catwalk queen has left the fashion world to clean homes for people suffering from depression.

Milgrau — who boasts more than 713,000 followers on Instagram and 1.3 million on TikTok — has worked as a model since she was a mere 16 years old.

The Brazilian native has struggled with her own bouts of depression for almost a decade and established her scrubbing service, Milgrau Cleaning, earlier this year.

Milgrau volunteers to sweep and clean the homes of those who are overwhelmed by daily tasks.

The runway star has scoured residences with dilapidated living conditions, including maggot- and cockroach-infested areas. She frequently posts her mopping excursions on social media for her fans to see.

Ellen Milgrau founded a cleaning organization where she volunteers to clean homes for people with depression.
Jam Press/Ellen Milgrau
Ellen Milgrau
“It’s amazing to see . . . [people] feel that they’re not alone in this world. Depression often leaves you racked with guilt,” the model said.
Jam Press/@ellenmilgrau
Milgrau does a photo shoot for the Brazilian brand Ryzí.
Jam Press/@ellenmilgrau

She has also dealt with mountains of dirty dishes piled up in kitchen sinks, housing rotten food and moldy meals.

“I know how the dirty house affects when people are sad, so I wanted to help out,” Milgrau told Jam Press.

She explained she got the idea for her company when she went to visit a friend of hers who had depression. His house wasn’t particularly neat and she revealed, “We started to make lighthearted jokes, saying we should spend the whole day cleaning.”

Just a few days later, her friend asked her for help — for real. The two decided to record their housework to see if it could double as inspirational content.

“It’s a two-way street for me because not only can I help others, but it also helps with my own depression. It’s good to do good,” Milgrau gushed.

“It’s amazing to see,” she said of her clients’ appreciation. “They feel that they’re not alone in this world. Depression often leaves you racked with guilt.”

Ellen Milgrau is joined by Jady, who helps with the cleaning.
Jam Press/@ellenmilgrau
Milgrau has cleaned her fair share of messy and dirty homes.
Jam Press Vid/@ellenmilgrau

Milgrau also recalled one of the “worst houses” she ever polished up — one that had a kitten eating trash and cockroaches, plus used baby diapers that were full of “giant” maggots. The home belonged to a young girl who had lost her job.

“I always notice their relieved face the moment we finish the cleaning,” she said.

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