Keeping it fresh and friendly: Asana Cafe offers home-style fare | Dining

One of the more popular breakfast entrees is the Tinga Burrito ($9.25), which includes chicken tinga (shredded chicken cooked with chipotle peppers and onions), bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese in a flour tortilla. Mine came with a small cup of white queso and a large plate of home fries, and a drizzle of a tangy, creamy sauce flecked with bits of what I took for spinach.

Whatever, this was one tasty burrito. The mild spice of the chicken, the smokiness of the bacon, the creaminess of the eggs and the cheese, and the tang from that sauce, worked well together. The queso, while good in its own way, was almost superfluous (I used it as a dip for the some of the home fries).

Some fast food joints serve a honey butter biscuit. To compare one of those to the item set before me at Asana would be akin to comparing a Yugo to a Bentley. The Asana version ($2.99) is a knife-and-fork sort of sandwich, with a palm-size piece of boneless fried chicken inserted into a large, and obviously homemade, biscuit liberally doused in honey and butter.

The biscuit was tender, yet still had a bit of chew to it, so I suppose one could pick it up and eat it as a sandwich — and with all the honey on it, you probably wouldn’t be able to put it back down again. Messy, decadent but delicious.

“Our focus is everything homemade, everything cooked to order and good American-style home cooking,” Yashar said. “We’ve only been opened about three months, but already we have people who come here every day to eat. Our philosophy is that we don’t have customers — we have friends.”

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