Killer Tips To Become A Master Seducer

To become a master seducer, you must have a plan. For everything in life, if you start without a nice and elaborated plan, you are planning your failure. For seducing women, its no different. So in this article i will share several killer tips to serve as a guideline to impress and hopefully date that wonderful women you are attracted to.

1. Make sure you have supreme confidence: Without confidence, man becomes a weak creature. It just seems something is lacking. You become boring, tedious and sometimes weird. Its within our genes. Why do you think that the most successful people on the world are very confident in their actions? Because confidence leads to success. Do you see any millionaire acting like a nerd or shy guy? Hell no! Because they know that a confident and positive attitude attract more success.

2.Don't focus on your weaknesses: Do not every bring the subject of your weaknesses. Everybody is good and bad at something, but in the beginning of the seduction game, make sure you only show your strong points. Nobody needs to know about your physical imperfections or something like that. For some reason, some men believe that talking about some physical imperfection is good make a woman laugh, and they are right, but she will be laughing at you, not with you.

3. Keep a organized record: If you want to have success with women, you must analyze and catalog each situation you have with women. Keep a record of all your dates and set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Being organized and setting goals is a know factor to improve any ability. To seduce women is no different. If you have a organized record of all your dates, you will be able to test different approaches and see the one that is more successful.

4. Follow your established plan: Making a plan is good. But following it is even better. I must stress it. You must actually follow your plan, and test new approaches. If you decide to test a new technique, test it for a few days until you have enough records to make a trusted decision. Do not just stop because its becoming hard or just for procrastination. You must take action other failure will be your friend.

I hope you liked these guidelines. These are simple but very powerful. I always follow them and they have helped me tremendously in my game with women.Follow them and definitely you will be next to your goal of seducing women and finally have the love life you always dreamed of.