Las Vegas – 24 Hour Weddings

Most things you do in Vegas stay will stay there, except for those of you that get married there. Gambling and Weddings are the two most famous things that Las Vegas is known for. Many a couple have take this quick trip to the strip to tie the knot. Las Vegas must be the first city that happy couples think think of when they want to elope. You only have to count the number of Las vegas wedding Chapels to see why that is.

Arrange for an Elvis look alike to attend your wedding, not the real one of course. Many Elvis impersonators can be found within Sin City, and it should be reliably easy to get one to come to your Wedding. In fact, many of the Las Vegas wedding chapels have their own Elvis who will conduct the ceremony. What a great time you'll have telling your Grandchildren!

Of course you choose the type of ceremony, and can go for a more traditional one. If you are one of the people that think Las Vegas wedding chapels are designed for a quick wedding then you would be wrong. In Las Vegas you can have an excellent wedding ceremony that would have been similar to one that took months to plan.

Of all the people who flock to Vegas to get married the majority are those eloper's, but there are many who have been planning for years. Las Vegas Wedding chapels are now seeing lots of couples who bring their parents, best man and bridesmaids. With so many Las Vegas attractions the bride and grooms family can also have a mini-family vacation. Considering the price of a large wedding complete with venue rental and reception, having it at one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels is a bargain.

Many of the popular hotels on the strip will also offer facilities for weddings. If they do not then you will be able to get a package that includes a trip to the well known Las Vegas wedding chapels and could include champagne, transport and room. This makes getting back for the start of the honeymoon in their hotel suite real easy.

A wedding day in Las Vegas, is both stylish and memorable, so why would you go anywhere else? You'll have the time of your life, and completely unforgettable memories. Where else can you get married and find so many great attractions. Las Vegas is a cool place to get married.