Laser Engraved Crystal – How to Create Sentimental Captions for Your Personalized Crystal Gift

Adding a romantic caption to your laser engraved crystal gift makes it unique and sentimental. If you are great with words, you will find this task relatively easy. However, if poetry or writing is not one of your strong suits, here are some tips to assist you in creating a personalized caption for your crystal gift.

The Internet is a great source of information. You can easily find romantic quotes online. Most famous quotes act as an advice and are very general. Therefore, if you engraved these quotes as is, it would mean nothing to the recipient.

Modifying your selected romantic quote is necessary such that it would relate to your laser engraved crystal gift design. For example, “Love stories never have endings” by Richard Bach. If you engrave this quote next to a photograph inside the crystal, it means nothing to the recipient because it’s too general.

You can personalize this quote by analyzing it first. You will need to determine what the quote says versus what you wish to convey. After reading the phrase, you know that it’s about love stories and that love stories never ends.

It is important to know what the quote means before you use it for your crystal gift engraving. Especially since you are using a famous quote, interpretations of such quotation could vary. In my example, the meaning is straight forward. This may not be the case for other quotes. So just be aware of that. Let’s go back to personalizing our quote.

By adding “Our or “My” in the beginning of this quote, you just personalized it. You would also need to revise stories and endings such that the caption focuses only on your love story. Your personalized caption for your laser engraved crystal gift could be Our Love Story Will Never End. These minor changes made your caption sounds like a promise of two lovers to one another which makes an excellent personalized romantic caption to be engraved inside a crystal gift.

Our Love Story Will Never End caption would work well if you combine it with a wedding picture and your names. You can have your names and romantic caption engraved on the top or at the bottom of your wedding picture.

If you can’t find a romantic quote that fits your situation, try using love song title. Most song titles are open-ended that all you need is a closure to personalize it. Song titles are easy to analyze because you have the lyrics available for review. One of my favorite love songs is Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins. By simply adding Our in the beginning of the song title, you have a personalized caption: Our Groovy Kind of Love.

This caption would work well if engraved inside the crystal with a photo of a couple showing their affection to one another (e.g. kissing, holding hands, dancing).

There are a variety of ways you can easily compile a sentimental message for your laser engraved crystal gift. I mentioned only two basic options in this article. However, with these basic options you can come up with wonderful romantic caption to be laser engraved inside your crystal gift. Also, nothing says it better than how you feel inside. It sounds like your lame after-school program but sentimental gifts are supposed to be corny. The cornier they are, the more meaningful they get.