Last Minute Wedding Details – Tips For a Successful Wedding

While you are enjoying the planning of your special wedding, day and the many areas and issues that must be attended to, many things may slip your mind. This article may be of some help with the simple reminders of some of the last minute details, while you are busy making your wedding day arrangements.

1. You will need to gather together all the items needed for the wedding ceremony location as well as designating someone who will place them in their proper places, such as the wedding programs, pew bows, unity and taper candles as well as your marriage license and the officiates fee.

2. You will need to gather all the necessary items that will need to be placed at the reception location and should consider delegating this issue with someone helpful. Some of these items may include scotch tape for the gift table, a guest book and pen, your wedding favors and a basket for holding any money envelopes as well as your place cards that should be alphabetized, the cake knife and the glasses for toasting the wedding.

3. You will need to choose someone to be in charge of your gift and guest book tables and make sure they have anything that may be needed for either table. You will also need to decide who will gather the wedding gifts and envelopes to be bought from the wedding location, once everything is over.

4. You will need to get a final head count for any meals to be served concern your wedding to your cater. This count of heads for meals should also include your wedding photographer and coordinator as well as your wedding entertainment members, such as the DJ, the band or any singers. These head counts should be designated by attending adults, any children who will be in attendance and all your wedding vendors, as a wedding caterer will often discount for children's meals as well as for the other wedding vendors.

5. You may want to gather together some items that may come in handy at any time during your wedding, as an emergency kit, as we all know, it is better to be safe than be sorry. Some of the items for your emergency kit may include an extra make up, a hand mirror, hair spray and hand lotion. You may also want to include feminine products, Q-tips, facial tissues, aspirin or Tylenol as well as breath mints and bottled water. Other essential emergency items may include a nail file and clear nail polish, a stapler, making tape and safety pins. It might be a good idea to add an extra pair of pantyhose and maybe even a few light snacks to your wedding day emergency kit.

6. You will need to confirm everything from the rehearsal issues to the honeymoon details. Make sure everyone involved knows exactly where they are suppose to be and exactly what they are to do while the wedding ceremony is going on, such as who holds the wedding rings to where their place is in the wedding line up. Remember to pack for the honeymoon well before time to go, so you do not forget anything you need.