Lesbian Wedding Bouquets

Are you both going to have a bouquet? Are the bouquets going to be identical?

What is your color palette going to be for your lesbian wedding? Shades of pinks and purples are very popular.

Have you thought about what flowers to use in your wedding bouquets? Most flowers can be found year round now. Carnations and chrysanthemums are very long-lasting and will not wilt as fast as most flowers. With tulips you run the risk of the petals falling apart. Day lilies are called that because they are only open for that one day which is basically the same for dandelions. The florist will put roses and orchids into specialized tubes to give the blossoms the extra water that they need to last longer.

Think about what kind of background you want your flowers to be set against. If it is a spring wedding you might even have sprays of forsythia or bridal wreath set against darker leaves of ivy, magnolia or frilly ferns. If you pick ivy for the background, then white and light colored flowers will stand out. If your lesbian wedding is taking place in the winter months, holly adds a beautiful touch; holly can also be in the variegated (green and white / ivory-pale yellow) form.

There is a spray of tiny white flowers that is actually called bridal wreath. A cluster of these stems can even stand alone as the only flower used or add other blossoms to accent your own color scheme.

A great tip for your lesbian wedding is to even think beyond your wedding day. If you use ivy or forsythia, you can root a piece of them to plant in your garden. You can even use ivy as a houseplant too. This way both of you will always be reminded of the day of your lesbian wedding.

There are many strategies to planning your lesbian wedding, but nothing makes sense unless you really take action and get started. You may listen to other people's ideas, but definitely decide for yourselves what you both want and stand firm; you control your future lesbian wedding and your future life together.