Like Everything Else About Him, Kawhi Leonard’s Recruiting Style is Understated

a basketball player during a game: Kawhi Leonard | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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Kawhi Leonard | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard is a very quiet man. The quietest in the NBA, some might say. In a league bursting at the seams with oversized personalities, Leonard shows up to work like that one coworker you think you talked to once but aren’t sure. He clocks in, gets his work done, and leaves. Occasionally, you’re unsure if he was ever even there.

His playing style is similarly quiet. He earns his points with positioning and strength. He never wows people with his burst to get by a bigger man and poster dunks are few and far between. He dribbles the ball, might throw a crossover in there, then backs down his defender, turns around, and hits a midrange jumper. Two points. No fanfare. Just a ball going into a basket and two points registering on the scoreboard.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Leonard did not waste words when attempting to recruit Serge Ibaka to Los Angeles.

I like to imagine that Serge responded with a few sentences about how he might but he’s going to consider all of his options, and Leonard simply responded, “K.” Then neither spoke until Ibaka signed.

Board man speaks bluntly, but boldly. Ibaka seems pleased to be back with his soft-spoken pal.

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