Love In The Mist

There was something about Sam that bothered Ashley. She had met him at a party few months back. Although Sam was not particularly handsome, he radiated a kind of magnetic charm that simply drove Ashley crazy. But she somehow felt unsecured. She often wondered, "Is he dependable?" After some time, they decided to go back to their hometown at Wisconsin and get married. She waited for him at the airport. She was excited. At the lobby, she dreamed about the new life that they were about to start. She waited for an hour, but could not find any trace of him. She then decided to call him up. But nobody replied from the other end. She kept waiting for two hours until the flight finally took off. She went back home and came to know from one of her friends the Sam had left for Paris a few days ago. She was shattered. Tears roled down her cheeks before she could stop them.

For a few months she spent sleepless nights. She yearned for her love. She wanted to be with him. She wanted her love back. She waited for him and firmly believed that he would return some day. But that day never came.
Pathetic Sounds? Well, such incidents are quite common. And playboys are common too. But I am not here to discuss the reason behind this behavior of some men. It is something the other way round. It is found that most women have special liking for Casanovas like Sam. That is really quite true.

Some say, that women like men who are different from the rest. Women like fellows who are daring. In their subconsciousness, they love someone who very much resembles their childhood heroes. Someone who dares to go some extra miles to achieve something in life. And in the process they fall in love with someone who exhibits some of these qualities. Most of these women are a little boring themselves. And therefore they are frustrated with men who are very much of a gentleman. Instead they love someone who dares to be different. They love the men who are flamboyant, dashing, and proclaims him machismo by being harsh and desperate.

However the reverse is also true. Some women who are soft spoken with mild dispositions too fall for playboys. Their boisterous attitude appeals to them. In the opinion of some psychologists, most of the time, such women have a devastating childhood backgrounds. As a kid, they were often neglected and under. And going around with a desperate guy gives them a sense of pride. It is a pride for going against the usual norms set up by the society. It is a kind of rebellion against the society which could only offer her negligence and abuse. They feel a certain sense of comfort in the arms of the guy who showers her with attention. She feels grateful for the attention he shows for her though it happens to be merely wonderful. These woman sufferers from low self-esteem. A woman with oodles of confidence and self respect would never allow anyone underamine her. But the women whose confidence level is already fragile succumbs to the blow-hot-blow-cold attitude of the Casanovas.

But the most surprising part is that some women believe they can actually transform the Casanovas to a sensible human being by virtue of their love. And they opine that lack of love and care happens to be the reason for insensible nature of some men. This however does not explain why men from affluent backgrounds too indulge into the game of playing with sentiments.
A good number of women wants to change the playboy who once battered her life. They wish to buy their love at the cost of their self-respect. Occasionally, they loose respect for their partner. It is a love without color. It is a love in the mist. But one has to understand that love is very much like a rainbow. It is a confluence of many colors, that includes, care, concern, attraction, possessiveness, understanding and above all respect. Yes, respect does form a part of every relationship. If you do not respect the man you love, you can never spend your lifetime with him.

Love is like a flower, it can never bloom in mist. It needs pure, bright sunlight for itself to bloom and to touch others' lives with its fragrance.