Made in St. Louis: Pandemic opens new opportunities as jewelry designer, model | Fashion

She built her earring collection and gave away pairs to friends, but she didn’t realize she had a viable product until her husband spoke up. “I don’t know how I would have done this without Brandon’s support. He encouraged me from day one.”

She reached out to the Women’s Creative, applied for spots at its pop-up markets, and began selling.

The rose that grew • Although Mains fully expresses her fashion sense today, she had fewer choices in childhood. “I was in the foster care system. I remember drawing outfits I wish I could wear. I watched pop music videos, and I always loved the fashions,” she says, “but my clothes were mostly given to me.”

Made in St. Louis Golden Hour Design Co. for pub Nov 22, 2020

Portrait of Mikayla Mains with her son, Shia. Courtesy of Mikayla Mains

When she reunited with her biological older sister, she discovered she had a fashion past. “She said I always wore sundresses — I loved sundresses — and I was always barefoot. She called me ‘Country’ when I was little,” Mains says.

Dance to the music • “When I was 12, I was adopted and raised in a family of 10 children; six girls and four boys. I’m right in the middle,” she says. “My sister was taking dance lessons at a studio, so my parents sent me, too. I studied dance until I was 18. I went off to college but the dance environment there wasn’t what I thought it would be and I left. When I came home I taught, took classes from all kinds of teachers, learned from YouTube and took online training to keep sharp.”

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