Maid of Honor Speeches

Being the maid of honor at your best friends wedding can be a truly emotional and uplifting experience. However, you are there to help the day go by as smoothly as possible and that can often be a stressful experience. All kinds of problems can occur and on top of that you have the maid of honor speech to worry about!

What Should Maid of Honor Speeches Include?

Maid of honor statements are given at the wedding as well as at the bridal shower. So whilst most people associate wedding steps with the father of the bride and the bets man, it is actually the maid of honor who has the worst time of it. So just what do you write in your speeches?

Typically your speech should include:

  • How you know the bride
  • Wishing the bride good luck
  • Approval of the husband
  • A funny story

All of the above are important. Ideally you want to make people laugh with your speech. All speeches on the wedding day should be humorous and maid of honor statements are no different. People expect women to get more emotional at weddings than men, but that does not mean that you can not add a little humor just like the best man does with his speech! You are there for the bride and you and she will have had many good times together so why not share them?

Add something heartfelt in the speech too. Tell the couple how much they suit each other and how you hope they will be very happy together. You could even make up a poem for the couple if you are creative. Nothing goes down better in a wedding speech than a heartfelt poem. You may even like to give them some light marriage tips if you are married yourself. Just ensure that you wish them both luck and that you let them know that you are happy for them.

Finally there are some things that you should never include in maid of honor statements. One of these things is to never get too personal about either the bride or the groom. Many maids of honors have made this mistake and it can often result in a fall out on the wedding day. This would obviously spoil the day and your friendship with the bride could be left in ruins.

Another thing you should remember is that most of your speech should be memorized. Whilst it is possible to make some of it up while you go along, maid of honor speeches should never be completely improvised. You risk stuttering, messing up the speech and looking like a fool if you do not prepare properly.

Overall maid of honor speeches should be light, heartfelt and sincere. Do not let the best man have all of the jokes – show the room that you and the bride have had a lot of fun too, but do not get too personal!

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