Make Your Wedding Venue Feel Like Home

Historic mansions are a wonderful place to hold a wedding. If you do not happen to have one in the family, every region has gracious old homes that are available to rent as wedding venues. To make your wedding venue even more special, decorate it with the personal touches that will make it feel like home.

The standard decorations for a wedding venue include things like flowers and candles, but there is so much more that you can do to customize your space. When your wedding site is an historical mansion, one of the best ways to decorate it is with personal items that come from your own family, or at least look like they did. You can situate these personal touches around the reception venue in a way that looks very natural and not stagnated.

When you are looking for elements to enhance a graceful old home, think about the time period of the house, as well as the types of special things that you have in your family. Pay extra attention to the things that have the most sentimental meaning or nostalgic value to you. For instance, if your grandmother has a beautiful silver tea set that she always has on display in her home, maybe you could borrow it to grace the mantel in the venue's dining room. Add a few tapered candles in mis-matched silver holders, and you will have a beautiful vignette.

The personal items that you bring into your reception site do not have to be formal. Perhaps you will be having an afternoon reception on the porch of an old house. Instead of renting generic vases from the florist, create your centerpieces using pitchers from your mother's kitchen. The eclectic set of vessels will add a warm and homey feel to an informal reception. If your mother is not the sort to collect pitchers or vases, you can always fake it with items picked up in vintage stores and at yard sales.

Family photos are a very special way to dress up your reception space. This works particularly well in a rented mansion, as you can scatter photos around the space just like you would in your own home. It is especially meaningful to include wedding photos of the bride and groom's parents and grandparents from their own weddings. Baby pictures of the bride and groom are also always a sweet thing to include. Give some thought to matching the types of picture frames to the style of your site. This may mean temporarily changing a modern frame for a more vintage looking one for the day of the wedding.

When you are taking such care to make your reception venue include items from your family, do not forget about including a few sentimental elements in your bridal ensemble. The most nostalgic idea of ​​all is to wear your mother's wedding gown, possibly re-cut in an updated style. If you have a beautiful brooch belonging to your grandmother, you can pin it on the waist of your wedding gown or on the ribbon that ties your bouquet. Since weddings are all about the blending of the old and the new, feel free to have new pieces of custom bridal jewelry created to complement any older family pieces that you may be wearing. It is quite easy to blend newly made bridal jewelry with antiques when you have it custom made from the same types of gems, whether it is crystals or pearls.

You will find that adding the personal touches to your wedding will make it feel even more meaningful to you. Be sure to include pieces from both the bride and the groom's families, so that all sides are represented. Honoring the past is a wonderful way to begin your new life together.